Suzuki Unveils More Next-Generation 2024 Swift Details

Matt Brand
October 26, 2023
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Suzuki has released details and images of its next-generation Swift concept, in anticipation of its display at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo. The information indicates that the new Swift is set for an official launch in 2024.

The Swift concept maintains the design familiar to its predecessors but with several modifications. The vehicle continues with its classic silhouette but has a distinct side crease above the door handles, aligning with the headlights and bonnet line. There are changes in the top and bottom body sections, and the introduction of a contrasting black roof and window pillars. A design change includes the relocation of the rear door handles from the window section to the main door area.

The front of the car features a more elevated and rounded bonnet. The grille is more compact, with the 'S' Suzuki emblem positioned above it, different from its previous placement within the grille.

Inside, the Swift concept showcases changes from its current design. There's a larger, full-color infotainment screen on top of the dashboard. The air-conditioning display includes physical switches and buttons, eliminating the need to use the touchscreen for certain adjustments. The dashboard also has a CD player slot. The steering wheel design is similar to the current Swift and includes an Engine Start/Stop button.

The concept includes features such as autonomous emergency braking, adaptive high-beam, and a driver monitoring system. While engine details have not been specified, there's mention of a potential "high-efficiency engine." The current Swift model incorporates mild-hybrid technology, suggesting possible engine variations for the new model.

Suzuki'sw design approach for the Swift has seen changes since its global introduction in 2004. The upcoming model is expected to use an updated 'Heartect' platform.

In Europe, the current Swift has a 1.2-litre engine with a 12V mild-hybrid system. In Australia, the options are a 1.2-litre engine or a turbocharged 1.0-litre variant.

The Swift's design has evolved since 2004, with the latest model showcasing a blend of old and new. The Swift's sales in Australia have been noteworthy, with 4,615 units sold by August's end, in contrast to the MG 3's 10,642 units.

Matt Brand
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