Sneak Peek into the Awaited Y63 Nissan Patrol in the Middle East

Jacob Brooke
September 26, 2023
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Recent sightings of the anticipated Y63 Nissan Patrol in the United Arab Emirates have revved up excitement among automotive enthusiasts. Encased in thick black camouflage, the vehicle was spotted alongside a fleet of the existing Y62-generation Patrols, fueling speculations about its design and features. Thanks to some sharp-eyed netizens, photos of the discreetly roving prototype found their way onto the Instagram pages of Kurdistan Automotive Blog and Club Y63 Australia.

Industry talks hint at a notable shift in the Patrol’s design language, aligning it closely with the next-generation Infiniti QX80, while retaining unique elements like a distinct front facia and the likely introduction of C-shaped tail lights. Although under wraps, discerning changes in the prototype’s design have sparked discussions around its new aesthetic appeal.

A notable departure is the rumoured transition from a 5.6-litre V8 to a 3.5-litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine, as per sources, possibly enhancing the power output to around 314kW. (Source)The exterior also hints at adjustments including centralized placement of the number plate on the tailgate and door handles that are not flush, setting it apart from its luxury-branded counterpart. The rear bumper has been tweaked, featuring reflectors and the front fenders have different air intakes.

The current Y62 Patrol's 5.6L V8 could be on the chopping block for the upcoming Y63 Patrol.

On the inside, whispers suggest a tech-savvy upgrade with larger screens and updated finishes, alongside advanced driver assistance and convenience technologies, as seen from insights shared by dealers at a recent Las Vegas conference. The newly unveiled prototype is creating ripples of anticipation for its official release, especially in the Australian market where the current Patrol sports a modest 8.0-inch screen compared to the Armada's 12.3-inch screen in the US.

With the Infiniti QX80 expected to surface in the upcoming months, it might provide a clearer glimpse into what Nissan has in store for the Y63 Patrol’s design, powertrain, and tech features. The vehicle’s presence in the Middle East highlights an advanced stage in its testing, creating a buzz among automotive aficionados eager for an official unveiling.

Jacob Brooke
Jacob Brooke, a respected voice in the world of automotive journalism, brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to his reviews at CarSauce. His keen eye for detail and passion for all things cars shine through in his in-depth analysis and honest evaluations of the latest models of cars. Join him as he guides readers through the car-buying process and explores the exciting world of motoring.

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