Nationwide Recall for Suzuki Jimny Due to Fuel Pump Issue

Jacob Brooke
March 26, 2024
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Suzuki Australia has issued a recall for 726 units of the Jimny model produced in 2018 and 2019, following the discovery of a potential issue with the fuel pump.

This recall comes shortly after a similar announcement by Suzuki Queensland for the same issue.

The identified problem stems from a manufacturing defect that may cause the fuel pump impeller to swell, leading to a failure of the fuel pump.

The malfunction of the fuel pump could cause the engine to stall, resulting in a sudden loss of power.

This condition poses a risk to the safety of the vehicle's occupants and other road users by potentially increasing the likelihood of an accident.

The vehicles subject to recall were manufactured in 2018 and 2019, though some may have been sold after these dates.

The recall notice, which has been submitted to the Department of Infrastructure, outlines the potential for engine stall and subsequent loss of power as the primary concern.

Suzuki Australia has committed to replacing the defective fuel pump for owners of the affected vehicles at no charge.

Owners can identify whether their vehicle is included in the recall by consulting the published list of vehicle identification numbers (VIN).

Suzuki Australia will notify owners of the affected Jimny models in writing, but vehicle owners can also initiate contact by reaching out to their nearest Suzuki dealer to schedule a free replacement of the fuel pump.

This measure is aimed at preventing any incidents that could arise from the identified defect.

Jacob Brooke
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