Ford Ranger Goes Electric for 2025! Ranger PHEV Unveiled

Matt Brand
September 19, 2023

Ford has introduced a new addition to the mid-size pick-up segment: the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) for early 2025. This move aligns with the trend of incorporating eco-friendly solutions in the automobile sector.

Ford Australia's decision to incorporate plug-in hybrid technology into the Ranger shows a focus on evolving its vehicle offerings. The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid allows for zero tailpipe emissions during short drives, a feature geared towards the average Australian Ranger driver who typically covers 40 km or less daily.

Andrew Birkic, President and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand, commented, "The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid provides an option for varied driving needs. It offers an eco-friendly option for short trips and the hybrid's dual power sources for more extended drives."

The vehicle is powered by a 2.3-litre Ford EcoBoost turbo petrol engine, which works in tandem with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery system. This combination enables the vehicle to operate over 45 kilometres on electric power alone.

In terms of performance metrics, the Ranger Plug-In Hybrid has a towing capacity of 3,500 kg, aligning with other models in the Ranger series. An additional feature is the Pro Power Onboard™ system, which offers onboard power outlets for various utilities.

The new Ranger model also focuses on flexibility and safety, allowing drivers to choose between the EV battery and the engine based on their driving needs. Additionally, the vehicle comes equipped with advanced safety features and the four-wheel-drive capability that is standard for the Ranger series.

Birkic added, "The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid is part of our commitment to expanding our range of power options, joining Ford Australia's electrified line-up alongside vehicles like the Mach-E, E-Transit, E-Transit Custom, and Puma BEV."

As Ford continues to expand its vehicle offerings, the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid marks another step in diversifying power options in the mid-sized pick-up segment.

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