BYD Seal U Plug-in Hybrid SUV Set for Australian Debut

April 2, 2024
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The BYD Seal U, a plug-in hybrid SUV, is scheduled for release in Australia between April and June 2024. It will be available in two configurations, both of which are plug-in hybrids, offering an alternative within the SUV segment currently dominated by models such as the Mitsubishi Outlander.

These configurations are designed to meet the specific needs of the Australian market.

This model will be launched in two variants, known as 'DM-i', featuring a blend of a petrol engine and electric motors, paired with a battery pack.

The configurations are reported to provide a driving range of up to 150km per charge, as per laboratory conditions.

The decision not to include a fully electric version in the Australian lineup reflects BYD's strategy based on local market conditions and infrastructure capabilities.

While pricing for the Australian market has not been disclosed, indications suggest that the pricing strategy for the BYD Seal U may aim to be competitive within the plug-in hybrid sector.

The vehicle will be introduced in two versions, Dynamic and Premium, each with distinct power outputs.

The Dynamic is expected to feature front-wheel drive, a 72kW petrol engine, and a 145kW electric motor, resulting in a total output of 160kW.

The Premium variant, on the other hand, is projected to offer all-wheel drive, combining a 96kW petrol engine with a 150kW front electric motor and a 120kW rear electric motor for a total of 238kW.

BYD has equipped the Seal U with battery options of 12.9kWh, 18.3kWh, and 26.6kWh, which are anticipated to provide electric ranges of 71km, 110km, and 150km, respectively.

The larger batteries are expected to be offered in Australia, promoting greater use of electric power for commuting.

The Seal U, sharing its platform with the Song Plus model in China, offers a distinctive approach compared to the Seal electric sedan.

It measures 4775mm in length, 1890mm in width, and 1670mm in height, with a 2765mm wheelbase, suggesting a roomy interior and ample cargo space.

Australian models are expected to include features such as a 15.6-inch rotating infotainment touchscreen, wireless phone charging, and various safety technologies, mirroring the specifications available in other markets.

Specific details regarding Australian specifications and pricing are pending.

The introduction of the Seal U is part of BYD's broader strategy to expand its presence in the Australian market. This follows the brand's performance as the second-best-selling electric vehicle brand in Australia in 2023.

BYD is planning further releases to strengthen its market position.

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