New Tesla Model 3 Performance Enters Production, Featuring Sporty Interior and Enhanced Power

Jacob Brooke
January 3, 2024
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Recent production developments indicate that Tesla's updated Model 3 Performance, a highly anticipated electric vehicle, has begun rolling off the production lines, signaling its imminent arrival in showrooms. This latest version, expected to launch by mid-year, promises an array of enhancements, including increased power and a more comprehensive set of upgrades than its predecessor.

Credit: u/LavishnessThink6831 on Reddit

Sources within Tesla, including Teslascope, an X (formerly Twitter) account renowned for reliable Tesla-related leaks, revealed that the "initial production" of this revamped model started in early December in the United States. Mass production is set to ramp up before the end of March 2024, aligning with earlier statements from Tesla executives hinting at a release in the first half of 2024.

In addition to its anticipated power boost, the 2024 Model 3 Performance is expected to maintain its dual electric motor and all-wheel-drive configuration, contrasting with the tri-motor setup of the Model S Plaid. However, government certification documents suggest an increase in power output from the previous 393kW, aiming for a more rapid 0–100km/h acceleration.

The interior also sees a significant upgrade, moving away from the uniform seat design historically used across all Model 3 variants. A notable change is the introduction of unique sports bucket seats, a departure from the standard seats used in more affordable models.

These new seats, initially hinted at by a software code digger, Hacker Green, on X, feature enhanced side bolsters and headrests, projecting a more assertive and sporty aesthetic. This marks the first time Tesla has diverged from its standard interior design in the high-performance Model 3, typically focusing upgrades on powertrain, suspension, and braking systems.

Further anticipation builds around the possibility of a 'Ludicrous' badge, reminiscent of the famed Model S Ludicrous Mode, which may replace the existing red underline on the Dual Motor badge. The badge is expected to accompany enhanced brakes, suspension, and unique wheel designs, including new 20-inch 'Warp' alloy wheels and a distinct 19-inch option. The sporty updates extend to the brakes, with new "sport" brake calipers, pads, springs, and a carbon-fibre rear lip spoiler.

While Tesla has not officially confirmed these details, European customers have reported delays in delivery dates from late 2023 to mid-2024, hinting at a potential unveil of the updated Model 3 Performance in the coming months. Australian enthusiasts eagerly await more details, including pricing and local release dates, as the car is due for release between January and March 2024.

Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the 2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance. Share your thoughts and excitement in the comments below!

Jacob Brooke
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