MG Motor Australia Revises Pricing Across Key Models to Offer Enhanced Value

Matt Brand
April 4, 2024
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MG Motor Australia has announced a reduction in the drive-away prices of several of its popular models, including the MG3, ZST, HS, and HS Plus EV.

This pricing update aims to make these vehicles more accessible to Australian consumers by incorporating on-road costs into the final price.

The revision places the MG3 Core as the entry-level option at $18,990, establishing it as the most affordable new car in the Australian market.

The MG ZS, another model in MG's lineup and the company’s best-selling vehicle, will now start at a drive-away price of $22,990.

This pricing strategy is part of MG's broader initiative to adopt nationwide drive-away pricing for its electric vehicle (EV) range, now extended to almost all models offered in Australia.

The move is intended to assist Australians in navigating the rising cost of living by providing more transparent and straightforward pricing.

Peter Ciao, CEO of MG Motor Australia, stated that the company is focused on delivering value for money to help Australians manage their budgets more effectively.

He emphasised the importance of transparent pricing in today’s economic climate, noting that MG is committed to offering clear and upfront costs for both the purchase and servicing of their vehicles.

MG also introduced a capped-price servicing program, Precise Price Servicing, which locks in servicing costs for the first seven years at authorised dealers.

This program is designed to give vehicle owners peace of mind regarding maintenance expenses.

The updated pricing, effective from 1 April 2024, includes various models and specifications to cater to a range of customer needs and preferences:

  • MG 3 Series (MY23)
    • MG 3 Core: $18,990 (Discount: -$1,000)
    • MG 3 Core with navigation: $19,490 (Discount: -$1,000)
    • MG 3 Excite: $19,990 (Discount: -$1,000)
  • MG ZS Series (MY23)
    • MG ZS Excite: $22,990 (Discount: -$1,000)
  • MG ZST Series (MY23)
    • MG ZST Core: $25,490 (Discount: -$1,500)
    • MG ZST Vibe: $26,490 (Discount: -$2,500)
    • MG ZST Excite: $29,490 (Discount: -$2,500)
    • MG ZST Essence: $30,490 (Discount: -$1,500)
  • MG HS Series (MY23)
    • MG HS Vibe: $29,990 (Discount: -$3,000)
    • MG HS Excite: $31,990 (Discount: -$4,000)
    • MG HS Essence: $33,990 (Discount: -$5,000)
    • MG HS Essence X AWD: $36,990 (Discount: -$6,000)
  • MG HS Plus EV Series (MY22)
    • MG HS Plus EV Excite: $43,690 (Discount: -$5,300, incl. metallic)
    • MG HS Plus EV Essence: $46,690 (Discount: -$5,300, incl. metallic)

Each price includes on-road costs, aligning with MG's policy of transparency and value. This announcement reflects MG's effort to adapt to market needs and financial pressures facing consumers today.

Matt Brand
Matt Brand, the esteemed car critic from Car Sauce, offers unparalleled expertise on all things automotive. From new car releases to pre-owned options, he provides in-depth analysis and honest evaluations to guide readers through the car-buying process. Join us as he delves into the exciting world of motoring.

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