Leaked Images Reveal Exciting New Sport Bucket Seats for 2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Matt Brand
January 18, 2024
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The latest scoop from Tesla is generating significant excitement among electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Recent leaks on X (formerly known as Twitter) have unveiled intriguing images and details about the new sport bucket seats designed for the upcoming 2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance.

This revelation adds to the growing anticipation for what promises to be a remarkable upgrade over its predecessor.

The leaks, courtesy of user @fidelgrandez01 and @MatthewDR on twitter, showcase the new sport bucket seats that are a major interior upgrade for the Model 3 Performance.

According to the leaked images and accompanying posts, these seats boast more bolstering for enhanced side support, a distinct Plaid logo, and a differently designed headrest providing extra support – a significant leap from the regular seats.

This development aligns with recent production updates indicating that Tesla's updated Model 3 Performance has begun rolling off production lines.

Credit: u/LavishnessThink6831 on Reddit

Sources within Tesla suggest that "initial production" started in early December in the United States, with mass production expected to ramp up before the end of March 2024. The timing corresponds with Tesla's previous statements hinting at a release in the first half of 2024.

The 2024 Model 3 Performance - also rumoured to be renamed to Model 3 Plaid or Ludicrous- retains its dual electric motor and all-wheel-drive configuration, diverging from the tri-motor setup of the Model S Plaid. However, government certification documents point to an increased power output from the previous 393kW, targeting faster 0–100km/h acceleration.

Tesla's move to introduce unique sports bucket seats marks a significant departure from the standard seat design used across all Model 3 variants.

Historically, Tesla has focused upgrades on powertrain, suspension, and braking systems, making this shift towards interior design a notable one.

These new seats, initially hinted at by software code digger Hacker Green on X, embody a more assertive and sporty aesthetic.

Leaked Software - Credit: Hacker Green on X

The excitement doesn't end with the seats. The 2024 Model 3 Performance is expected to feature a 'Ludicrous' badge, potentially replacing the existing red underline on the Dual Motor badge. This badge would accompany other enhancements like new 20-inch 'Warp' alloy wheels, a distinct 19-inch option, and upgraded brakes, including "sport" brake calipers, pads, springs, and a carbon-fibre rear lip spoiler.

While Tesla has yet to officially confirm these details, European customers have reported delivery delays, suggesting a potential unveil of the updated Model 3 Performance soon. Australian Tesla enthusiasts are also eagerly awaiting more information, including pricing and local release dates, as the car is expected between January and March 2024.

Matt Brand
Matt Brand, the esteemed car critic from Car Sauce, offers unparalleled expertise on all things automotive. From new car releases to pre-owned options, he provides in-depth analysis and honest evaluations to guide readers through the car-buying process. Join us as he delves into the exciting world of motoring.

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