Mazda Unveils Pricing and Specifications for CX-90 Large SUV!

Jacob Brooke
March 22, 2023
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Mazda Unveils CX-90 Large SUV with Advanced Technology and Safety Features

Mazda Australia has launched the first-ever CX-90, a large SUV featuring Mazda's Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture, as part of its Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 plan. The CX-90 boasts a rigid body shell to deliver premium comfort and driving dynamics, and uses Kinematic Posture Control (KPC) technology, also found in the Mazda MX-5, to stabilize the vehicle during high-speed braking.

CX-90 On-Road

The CX-90 has a human-centric cockpit designed to reduce joint stress for drivers, and is equipped with Mazda’s Driver Personalisation System, first seen on the CX-60 mid-size SUV. This system uses facial recognition to restore over 250 stored settings according to driver preferences, and includes functions such as Automatic driving position guidance, Automatic setting recovery, and Driver entry/exit assist.

Mazda's i-Activesense driver assistance systems provide safety for occupants and other road users, with features like Smart Brake Support (SBS), Emergency Lane Keep Assist (ELK), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) with Vehicle Exit Warning, and Adaptive LED headlamps (ALH). The top-of-the-line CX-90 Azami also includes See-through View, an evolution of Mazda’s 360° View Monitor.

CX-90 Interior

The CX-90 comes in a new color, Artisan Red Metallic, as well as seven other color options. Prices start at $74,385 for the Touring model and go up to $93,865 for the Azami model with a diesel engine. Optional packages include the Takumi package, featuring Pure White nappa leather with captain's seats, and the SP package, offering Tan nappa leather with captain's seats, both available for the Azami model at $5,000 each.

Mazda's CX-90 is also environmentally conscious with its e-Skyactiv G and e-Skyactiv D engine options, both featuring M Hybrid Boost technology. This combination offers impressive fuel efficiency and reduced emissions while maintaining a powerful driving experience.

CX-90 PHEV Drivetrain

The CX-90 offers a generous towing capacity, enabling families and adventure enthusiasts to bring along their gear for road trips and outdoor activities. A Mazda Genuine Towing Kit is available for those who need this additional functionality.

Furthermore, the CX-90's interior is designed to provide ample space and flexibility for passengers and cargo. Depending on the chosen configuration, the CX-90 can accommodate six or seven passengers comfortably, making it an ideal choice for families or those who frequently travel with a group.

Pricing and Specification Levels:


  • 3.3L I6 e-Skyactiv G petrol turbo with M Hybrid Boost (G50e) or 3.3L I6 e-Skyactiv D diesel turbo with M Hybrid Boost (D50e)
  • Eight-speed Skyactiv-Drive automatic transmission
  • i-Activ AWD
  • Base features including standard safety and infotainment systems
  • Price: $74,385 (G50e) / $75,800 (D50e)

GT (adds over Touring):

  • Enhanced interior materials and finishes
  • Mazda's Driver Personalisation System with auto-setting restoration
  • Additional i-Activesense driver assistance systems
  • 360° View Monitor
  • Price: $86,085 (G50e) / $84,800 (D50e)

Azami (adds over GT):

  • Premium interior materials, including available nappa leather
  • Complete suite of Driver Personalisation Functions
  • See-through View technology
  • Additional safety features and driver assistance systems
  • Price: $95,185 (G50e) / $93,865 (D50e)

Optional Extras:

Takumi package:

  • Available for Azami trim
  • Pure White nappa leather color with captain's seats
  • Price: $5,000

SP package:

  • Available for Azami trim
  • Tan nappa leather with captain's seats
  • Price: $5,000

Mazda Genuine Towing Kit (for increased towing capacity):

  • Available for all trim levels
  • Price: Varies, contact your local Mazda dealer for pricing information

Please note that these prices are in $AUD (Australian Dollars) for reference only and may vary depending on the location, taxes, and other applicable fees.

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