Mazda Introduces Big Upgrades to the 2024 MX-5

Jacob Brooke
October 5, 2023
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Mazda Motor Corporation has unveiled a suite of updates for its 2024 Mazda MX-5 model.

Key features and updates for the upcoming release include:

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC-TRACK): Exclusively available for manual transmission models, this feature is optimised for circuit driving and is available for the GT RS grade. It prioritises driver control, intervening only in potentially hazardous spin situations.

Asymmetric Limited Slip Differential (Asymmetric LSD): This newly developed feature enhances vehicle turn-in behaviour by adjusting the limiting force on the differential gear in accordance with vehicle acceleration and deceleration.

Enhanced Accelerator Response: Manual models will benefit from an improved accelerator pedal response, which has been tailored to offer a more natural feel and a quicker response, especially during the deceleration phase.

New MX-5 LSD

Steering System Modifications: All variants will receive an electric steering system with reduced steering rack friction and a refined electric power steering control logic for a more natural response.

Engine Details: The MX-5 will continue to utilise the Skyactiv-G 2.0-litre naturally aspirated engine, offering 135kW and 205Nm. Notably, the sound from the engine will be channelled directly into the interior to amplify the audible driving experience.

Interior Upgrades: The interior will feature an 8.8-inch centre display for enhanced visibility and the Mazda Connect system. The MX-5 will also be the first Mazda in Australia to provide Connected Services functionality, linking the vehicle to emergency services and enabling vehicle status checks via a smartphone application. Furthermore, a tan Nappa leather interior will be available for the RF GT variant.

Wheel Design: The MX-5 will be equipped with new 17-inch alloy wheels.

Colour Options: The car will be available in seven colours, including the newly introduced Aero Grey Metallic.

Vinesh Bhindi, Managing Director for Mazda Australia, highlighted the MX-5's status as an iconic vehicle in Mazda's lineup and pointed out its blend of driving pleasure and advanced technology.

The 2024 Mazda MX-5, including both Roadster and RF versions, is scheduled to be available for purchase in Australia in the first quarter of 2024. The Mazda Connected Services is expected to be accessible from the first half of 2024.

Here's a summary of all the changes:

- Introduction of DSC-TRACK:

 - A new Dynamic Stability Control mode, optimized for circuit driving.

 - Exclusively fitted to manual transmission models.

 - Designed to provide drivers more control, especially on the GT RS grade.

- Asymmetric Limited Slip Differential (Asymmetric LSD):

 - Stabilizes vehicle turn-in behavior.

 - Varies the limiting force of slip based on acceleration and deceleration.

 - Enhanced turning stability in various conditions.

- Accelerator pedal enhancements:

 - Improved response for manual models.

 - Enhanced distance control with vehicles ahead.

 - Improved accelerator disengagement during deceleration.

- Steering system upgrade:

 - Electric steering system modification for better precision.

 - Reduction in steering rack friction.

 - More natural and fluid steering response.

- Engine Sound Experience:

 - Enhanced audible experience by drawing sound directly into the interior.

- Interior Upgrades:

 - Redesigned 8.8-inch centre display.

 - Advanced Mazda Connect system.

 - New tan Nappa leather interior option for RF GT with black convertible roof.

 - Double stitched leather covering centre console and seats.

- Connectivity:

 - Introduction of Mazda Connected Services.

 - Ability to connect to emergency services in case of an accident.

 - Vehicle status check via a smartphone app.

- Wheel Upgrades:

 - Newly designed 17-inch alloys.

- Color Palette Expansion:

 - New hue introduced: Aero Grey Metallic.

- Sales launch in **Q1 2024** with Connected Services available from **H1 2024**.

Mazda MX-5 Roadster Price List:

MX-5 Roadster

  • 6-speed manual (Skyactiv-MT): $41,370

MX-5 Roadster GT

  • 6-speed manual (Skyactiv-MT): $48,490
  • 6-speed automatic (Skyactiv-Drive): $49,990

MX-5 Roadster GT RS

  • 6-speed manual (Skyactiv-MT): $51,490

Mazda MX-5 RF Price List:


  • 6-speed manual (Skyactiv-MT): $46,100


  • 6-speed manual (Skyactiv-MT): $52,990
  • 6-speed automatic (Skyactiv-Drive): $54,490

MX-5 RF GT (with black roof and tan leather)

  • 6-speed automatic (Skyactiv-Drive): $55,510


  • 6-speed manual (Skyactiv-MT): $55,990
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