2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series: Higher Pricing and Specs Revealed for 2024

Matt Brand
October 13, 2023
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Toyota Australia has unveiled the latest edition of the LandCruiser 70 Series range, set to be available in showrooms from November. The 76 Series WorkMate wagon kicks off the pricing at $75,600 excluding on-road costs.

This represents a price increase for over $6,000 for the 4 cylinder engine - shared with the HiLux - and over $10,000 for the V8. Pricing and specs can be seen at the end of this article.

This new iteration comes with improvements in exterior design, coupled with additions in comfort, convenience, and safety features. Notably, the LandCruiser 70 Series now offers a six-speed automatic transmission, paired with an updated 1GD four-cylinder 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine.

Highlighting the model's long-standing reputation, Toyota Australia Vice President, Sean Hanley, mentioned that the LandCruiser 70 Series has consistently supported Australians in challenging terrains. The introduction of the automatic transmission and four-cylinder powertrain aims to attract a broader spectrum of customers.

The 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine has seen mechanical enhancements, including an enlarged cooling fan and isolation crank pulley. Additionally, modifications like a restructured oil pan and an oil level sensor ensure improved oil delivery in uneven terrains.

The six-speed automatic transmission, accompanying the 1GD engine, has also received upgrades, notably a deeper oil pan and an optimized oil strainer intake position. The transmission includes a power/haul mode to fully utilize the 70 Series' 3,500kg towing capacity, and other features enhance its off-road capabilities.

Externally, the LandCruiser 70 Series showcases a revamped front end with heritage-inspired design elements like new circular LED headlamps. The interior welcomes a 6.7-inch touchscreen multimedia system, a 4.2-inch digital instrument display, and redesigned controls.

Toyota has also broadened the LandCruiser 70 Series' Toyota Safety Sense features, adding Downhill Assist Control, Road Sign Assist, and Lane Departure Alert. The new 1GD powertrain is available across all grades, delivering 150kW and 500Nm of torque, while the 1VD 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8 engine will also be available except for the 76 Series WorkMate.

2024 Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Pricing and Specs Summary:

Single-Cab (LC79) Pricing:


  • 2024 Price: $76,800 (4 Cyl) | $80,900 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,250 (4 Cyl) | +$10,350 (8 Cyl)


  • 2024 Price: $78,800 (4 Cyl) | $82,900 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,250 (4 Cyl) | +$10,350 (8 Cyl)


  • 2024 Price: $80,900 (4 Cyl) | $85,000 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,250 (4 Cyl) | +$10,350 (8 Cyl)

Double-Cab (LC79) Pricing:


  • 2024 Price: $79,300 (4 Cyl) | $83,400 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,200 (4 Cyl) | +$10,300 (8 Cyl)


  • 2024 Price: $83,500 (4 Cyl) | $87,600 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,300 (4 Cyl) | +$10,400 (8 Cyl)

Troop Carrier (LC78) Pricing:


  • 2024 Price: $79,200 (4 Cyl) | $83,300 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,250 (4 Cyl) | +$10,350 (8 Cyl)


  • 2024 Price: $82,500 (4 Cyl) | $86,600 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,350 (4 Cyl) | +$10,450 (8 Cyl)

Wagon (LC76) Pricing:


  • 2024 Price: $75,600 (4 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,600


  • 2024 Price: $79,800 (4 Cyl) | $83,900 (8 Cyl)
  • Price Increase: +$6,700 (4 Cyl) | +$10,800 (8 Cyl)

Additional Information:

  • Engine Specs:
  • 4 Cyl offers 150kW and 500Nm of torque.
  • 8 Cyl 4.5-litre turbodiesel produces 151kW and 430Nm of torque.


  • Premium paint: +$675
  • Front and rear differential locks: +$1500

Note: All prices are in AUD and do not include on-road costs.

Key Points:

  • Model Grades: 76 Series Wagon WorkMate, 76 Series Wagon GXL, 78 Series Troop Carrier WorkMate, and more.
  • Key Changes: Introduction of a six-speed automatic transmission, updated 1GD four-cylinder 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine, and improved safety features.
  • Specs: 1GD engine offers 150kW from 3,000-3,400rpm and 500Nm of torque. 1VD 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8 provides 151kW and 430Nm of torque.
  • Pricing: Starts from $75,600 for the 76 Series WorkMate Wagon, with other models and their respective prices detailed above. Optional premium paint at $675 and differential locks at $1500.
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