2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak Review

The 2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak has landed in Australia to bring the popular nameplate from the Ranger to a 7-seat offroad SUV. Worth it?

Matt Brand
Expert reviewer
Updated on
February 9, 2024
Saucey score


  • Fantastic ride quality
  • Powerful engine
  • Nice Wildtrak additions


  • Expensive
  • Limited payload when towing
  • Fuel economy is way off
Car specs

184 kW + 600 Nm


8.5 L/100km

5 Star ANCAP

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Ford has finally introduced the popular Wildtrak nameplate to the Everest, after being one of the most successful nameplates for it’s Ute twin - the Ford Ranger.

Although the Everest Wildtrak is a ‘limited edition’, depending on the success of the model, it could quickly become a mainstay in the Everest range.

And frankly, based on how good the Wildtrak Everest is, it’s hard to see this not quickly rising to be one of the most popular 7-seat off road SUVs ever.

Of course, greatness comes at a price - and the Everest Wildtrak is one of the most expensive in its class when compared to the Isuzu MU-X, Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

So should you buy the 2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak? Let’s talk about that!

How much does the 2024 Ford Everest cost?

In the realm of robust and capable off-roaders, the 2024 Ford Ranger Wildtrak emerges with a price tag that’s amongst the highest in the segment.

With a starting price of $74,704 (excluding on-road costs), the Wildtrak version situates itself comfortably in the upper tier of the 2024 Ford Everest range. This pricing reflects a marginal increase from its initial announcement price of $73,090 in May, indicating Ford's response to market dynamics and production costs.

  • Everest Ambiente 4WD Bi-Turbo - Priced at $58,990
  • Everest Trend 4×2 Bi-Turbo - Priced at $61,490
  • Everest Sport 4×2 Bi-Turbo - Priced at $63,490
  • Everest Trend 4WD Bi-Turbo - Priced at $66,790
  • Everest Sport 4WD V6 - Priced at $72,490
  • Everest Wildtrak 4WD V6 - Priced at $74,704
  • Everest Platinum 4WD V6 - Priced at $79,490

Note: All prices are listed before on-road costs.

What’s different for the Ford Everest Wildtrak?

The 2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak differentiates itself from other models in the Everest line with specific features. These include:

  • Wildtrak Front Grille and Bumper: The Everest Wildtrak has a unique front grille and bumper design, setting it apart visually from other Everest models.
  • Unique 20-inch Matte Black Wheels: Adds a unique design for the Wildtrak wheels and highway terrain tyres, with the no-cost option of 18-inch wheels and all-terrain tyres.
  • Zone Lighting: This feature provides additional external lighting around the vehicle, useful in low-light conditions.
  • 360 Degree Camera: Adds a 360-degree camera system
  • Signature Wildtrak Badging: The vehicle includes distinct Wildtrak badging, identifying it as this particular variant.
  • Dual-Panel Power Panoramic Roof: The Wildtrak comes with a dual-panel panoramic roof, offering an extended overhead view.
  • Silver Roof Rails: These are included for additional cargo capacity and differ in color from other Everest models.
  • Wildtrak Embossed Ebony Leather Seats: The seating in the Wildtrak is embossed with the Wildtrak logo, and also includes cooled seats function and 10-way adjustment.
  • Interior Lighting: Adds blue interior lighting to the interior.
  • Steel Side Steps (Exclusive to Wildtrak): Steel side steps are included, aiding in vehicle entry and exit, and are exclusive to this model.

What’s the interior and tech like of the Everest Wildtrak?

The interior of the Everest Wildtrak adds a few nice additional features to the interior space which elevates it over the Sport trim-level below.

Interestingly, unlike the Ranger Wildtrak, the Everest Wildtrak adds cooled seats and 10-way adjusting (+2 over Ranger Wildtrak) to the ebony leather seats - which means you get adjustable leg support too.

Yes, the seats are class-leading in comfort.

These additions are enough already to make me much prefer the interior to the rest of the Everest Range (apart from the range topping but far more expensive Platinum, of course!)

You also get more Wildtrak badging for the seats, and orange stitching adorns many interior surfaces.

Otherwise, the interior remains largely the same as other Everest’s - which is no bad thing.

Practicality is fantastic, with 4 cupholders (including 2 hidden pop-out cup holders in the dash), a dual-split glove box setup, a wireless charger, USB-C and USB-A ports and even a french-fry’s holder.

Technology too has seen many improvements since the Everest’s release in 2022, including for the 12”-inch Ford Sync 4 infotainment display. Finally, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - both wireless - no longer suffer from constant stuttering.

You also get the 8” digital instrument cluster shared with the rest of the Everest line-up, meaning you miss out on the Platinum’s wowing 12.4” digital instrument cluster. Considering though the difference is purely graphical and size, it’s hardly a huge loss.

The Wildtrak does however score the Platinum’s dual-pane sunroof, which adds a lot to cabin brightness and overall experience.

The steering wheel has also received the Wildtrak treatment, with - you guessed it - orange stitching to match the rest of the cabin. It’s a great steering wheel to hold onto, though - with 0 complaints from me!

Overall, the interior is a remarkable place to be especially considering competitors remain far behind on matching the premium experience.

What about the back seats of the Ford Everest?

Apart from the ebony leather seats in the rear, nothing else has been added for the Wildtrak.

However, that’s no bad thing - as again, the Everest is class leading.

At 5’11” I have plenty of leg-room, head-room and toe-room. If I had to nit-pick, my legs could be at a better angle.

In terms of amenities, you get independent fan speed control, another USB-C and USB-A port and air-vents in the roof.

The third row as well is just passable for me at 5’11, which is better than most competitors if I’m being honest.

My legs and toes fit just okay, but headroom is surprisingly good.

How much can fit in the boot of the Everest Wildtrak?

The 2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak demonstrates considerable versatility in accommodating both passengers and cargo. As a member of the seven-seat SUV segment, it offers different configurations for luggage space:

Full Seating Capacity (Seven Seats Used): The vehicle provides 259 liters of space for luggage.

With Third Row Folded: Folding down the third row increases the luggage capacity to 898 liters.

Front Seats Only Configuration: Maximum cargo space is achieved when only the front seats are in use, offering a substantial 1818 liters. Additionally, all seats have the capability to fold flat, simplifying the process of loading and unloading cargo.

What’s under the bonnet of the Ford Everest Wildtrak?

Unlike most other variants of the Everest, the Wildtrak comes in just one choice of engine - but in my opinion, it’s by far the better choice.

That is of course the 3.0L Turbo-Diesel V6 which outputs a class leading 184 kW of power and 600 Nm of torque.

Which is exactly 30 kW and 100 Nm more powerful than the bi-turbo 4-cylinder diesel standard in other Everests.

Also thanks to a trick center-differential, you can drive the Everest Wildtrak in either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive on paved surfaces.

That makes it only one of two 4x4 ute-based SUVs that can do that in Australia, the other being the Pajero Sport with its Super Select II system.

In terms of fuel economy, the real-world economy of the V6 is better than the Bi-Turbo thanks to the engine needing to work less hard for the same outputs. We recorded an average fuel economy of 10.5 L/100 kms over a mix of highway and urban driving mostly in 2H (aka two-wheel drive).

It’s worth noting that 4A (aka permanent four-wheel drive) will use more diesel due to powertrain loss of more moving parts.

How does the Ford Everest Wildtrak drive?

My biggest concern for the Everest Wildtrak were the 20-inch wheels, and the harshness in ride that can often come with that.

Thankfully though, Ford have chosen good-performing highway terrain tyres to accompany them which leads to an incredibly pleasant driving experience.

When driving town or on the highway, the Everest’s Australian suspension tune really shines through; easily soaking up bumps in the road while maintaining a reassuring firmness. Having driven a few Ranger’s in recent months, it’s very welcome to have the leaf-springs swapped out for the coil-sprung suspension found in the Everest.

Of course, being 2,488kg (i.e. close to 2.5 tonnes), the Ford Everest definitely experiences the perils of physics, being body roll around corners. It’s literally no different to any of it’s competitors, but something to note - anything this capable off-road will always have compromises on road.

Still, cabin noise is minimal too which means Ford has definitely paid attention to NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), and with the speakers booming (they get VERY loud), you can have quite the party session without worrying too much about the outside world.

Steering remains firm and electrically assisted, though flicking through the drive modes doesn’t seem to affect much other than throttle and transmission calibration. 

Speaking of, the 10-speed automatic transmission is just ‘meh’. The extra 4 gears over the normal 6 are for fuel economy when sitting at higher speeds, but that does mean that in the acceleration to 100km/h (which we timed at 9.24 seconds) you can expect 4 shifts which is not insignificant.

But that engine… uh, I love it. It’s not fast, but it feels so powerful. Acceleration is brisk, and frankly endless - the diesel feels like it has torque for days. Seriously one of the best decisions Ford made in recent years was reviving this engine from its past in cars like the Ford Territory.

In all, the Everest Wildtrak truly justifies it’s higher price tag in the industry by proving it has the best overall driving experience compared to competition.

How does the Ford Everest Wildtrak perform off-road?

The Everest Wildtrak has some impressive off-road credentials:

  • Wading Depth: It is designed with a wading depth capability of 800mm.
  • Ground Clearance: The model offers 226mm of ground clearance.
  • Turning Circle: The vehicle has an 11.8m turning circle.
  • Approach, Departure, and Breakover Angles: It shares the same approach (30.2 degrees), departure (25 degrees), and breakover (21.9 degrees) angles with the Sport and Platinum V6 4x4 models.
  • Tyre Options: Standard 20-inch tyres can be exchanged for 18-inch all-terrain tyres without additional cost.
  • Locking Rear Differential: This feature is particularly useful in off-road conditions, as it helps maintain traction by ensuring both rear wheels turn at the same speed, improving the vehicle's ability to navigate challenging terrains.
  • Hill Descent Control: This feature is included and is managed via the touchscreen interface.
  • 360-Cameras: The vehicle is equipped with cameras to assist in navigating difficult terrains.

Recovery and Protection Features: It comes with two front recovery hooks and steel underbody protection.

Is the Ford Everest Wildtrak Safe?

The Ford Everest Wildtrak comes with the same 5-star ANCAP safety rating as other Everests in the range.

The following is a list of safety features included with the 2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak

  • Airbags: Nine airbags, including a center-front and curtain airbags extending to the third row.
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB): Detects vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, with automatic braking intervention.
  • Reverse AEB: Enhances safety during reverse maneuvers.
  • Post-Impact Braking: Reduces secondary collision impact.
  • Lane Assistance: Includes Lane-Keeping Assist and Lane Departure Warning for lane stability.
  • Driver Attention Alert: Monitors driver fatigue and suggests breaks.
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring: Alerts for vehicles in blind spots, with trailer coverage available with the Tow Pack.
  • Reverse Camera: Offers rear-view visibility while reversing.
  • Parking Sensors: Front and rear sensors for obstacle detection.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Maintains set speed and distance from leading vehicles, adjusting speed automatically.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring: Tracks and reports tyre pressure.
  • 360-Degree Camera: Provides all-around vehicle visibility.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition: Identifies signs and adjusts speed accordingly.
  • Auto LED Headlights and High Beam: Adapts lighting to driving conditions.
  • Child Seat Anchorage Points: Three in the second row, two in the third row, and ISOFIX mounts in the second row.

What are the specs and features of the Ford Everest Wildtrak?

Ford Everest Ambiente

  • 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine
  • 10-speed automatic transmission
  • 3500kg towing capacity
  • Locking rear differential (4x4 only)
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • All-season tyres
  • Full-sized steel spare wheel
  • LED reflector headlights
  • C-shaped LED daytime running lights
  • Front fog lights
  • LED tail lights
  • Black side steps
  • Auto power-folding side mirrors
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Two front tow hooks
  • Steel underbody protection (4x4 only)
  • 10.1-inch Sync4 touchscreen infotainment system
  • 8-inch digital instrument cluster
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Embedded modem
  • Wireless phone charger
  • Eight-speaker sound system
  • Satellite navigation
  • DAB+ digital radio
  • Embedded voice assistant
  • FordPass with remote start
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Five seats (seven seats optional)
  • Fabric upholstery
  • Eight-way manual driver seat adjustment
  • Four-way manual front passenger seat adjustment
  • Driver floor mat
  • Electrochromatic rear-view mirror
  • Dash-mounted pull-out cupholders
  • Open storage shelf
  • Tilt and reach steering wheel adjustment
  • Keyless entry with push-button start
  • Vinyl console lid
  • Electronic parking brake

Ford Everest Trend (additional features)

  • 18-inch alloy wheels with matching spare
  • Privacy glass
  • Power tailgate
  • Heated, power-folding side mirrors with puddle lamps
  • 12-inch Sync4 touchscreen infotainment screen
  • Seven seats
  • Leather-accented upholstery
  • Eight-way power driver seat
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Driver and passenger floor mats
  • Upper glove box
  • Off-road screen (4x4 models only)
  • Rotary drive mode selector (4x4 models only)
  • Sand, Mud/Ruts drive modes

Ford Everest Sport (additional features)

  • Optional 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine and full-time four-wheel drive
  • 20-inch black alloy wheels with matching spare
  • Black exterior accents
  • Handsfree power tailgate
  • Black 3D bonnet lettering
  • Unique leather-accented upholstery with ‘SPORT’ embossing
  • Unique interior color accents
  • 10-way power driver seat with memory
  • Eight-way power passenger seat
  • Heated and cooled front seats
  • 10-speaker sound system

Ford Everest Wildtrak (additional features)

  • Standard 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine and full-time four-wheel drive
  • Unique Wildtrak front bumper with dark accents
  • LED fog lamps
  • Black wheel-arch flares
  • Black window trim
  • Wildtrak badging
  • Dual-pane power-operated panoramic sunroof
  • 20-inch black alloy wheels with all-season tyres and matching spare
  • Optional 18-inch grey alloy wheels with all-terrain tyres
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Zone exterior lighting
  • Ebony leather upholstery with orange stitching
  • 360-degree camera
  • Ambient interior lighting

Ford Everest Platinum (additional features)

  • 21-inch alloy wheels with matching spare
  • Black-painted roof
  • Satin chrome exterior accents
  • Matrix LED headlights with auto-levelling
  • 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster
  • 12-speaker B&O premium sound system
  • Surround-view camera
  • Active park assist
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Satin chrome interior accents
  • Leather-accented quilted upholstery
  • Heated second-row seats
  • Power-folding third-row seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Premium front and rear floor mats
  • Interior ambient lighting

How much can the Ford Everest Wildtrak tow?

Regarding towing capabilities, the Everest Wildtrak can handle up to 3500kg with a braked trailer. However, it's important to note the limitations imposed by its 6250kg gross combined mass (GCM). 

When towing the maximum load, the remaining payload capacity is limited to just 262kg, necessitating careful packing for heavier trips. At a towing weight of 3000kg, the available payload marginally increases to 362kg, presenting a challenge in balancing towing and payload. In an unladen state, the vehicle's payload capacity is 662kg.

How much does the Ford Everest Wildtrak cost to run?

The Everest is accompanied by a five-year warranty with unlimited kilometres, aligning with Ford's standard warranty offerings.

For the 2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak, scheduled maintenance is advised every 12 months or 15,000 kilometres. 

Under Ford's capped-price service program, the cost for the first five services is fixed at $329 each, totaling $1,645 for these initial services.

What’s CarSauce’s take on the Ford Everest Wildtrak?

The 2024 Ford Everest Wildtrak is my pick of the bunch for the Ford Everest.

It’s not cheap, but it gives you all the benefits of the Platinum without the things you really don’t need - like the heated rear seats.

It’s not cheap by any means, but for those looking for the best-of-the-best for an offroad 7-seat SUV, you’ll find it in the Ford Everest Wildtrak.

Saucey score breakdown

Maintenance Costs and Warranty
Fuel (or EV) Efficiency
Interior Design and Features
Value for Money
Technology and Innovation
Is it fit-for-purpose?
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Car specs

184 kW + 600 Nm


8.5 L/100km

5 Star ANCAP

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