2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power e-4orce Hybrid Review

Exploring the 2023 Nissan X-Trail e-Power e-4orce: unique hybrid engine, superior interior upgrades, and great tech redefine mid-size SUVs

Jacob Brooke
Expert reviewer
Updated on
February 9, 2024
Saucey score


  • Silky Smooth EV-like driving
  • Luxurious packaging and interior quality
  • Fantastic safety technology + driver assistance


  • Fuel economy doesn't stack up to other hybrids
  • Not the best value for money
  • Fairly stiff ride around town
Car specs

150kW/330Nm +100kW/195Nm (front + rear, combined power 157kW)

$57,190 + On-roads

6.1L/100km Combined

5-Star ANCAP

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The all-new 2023 Nissan X-Trail e-Power e-4orce has arrived - and silly name aside - its new Hybrid powertrain is perhaps the most unique engine/electric motor combination we have ever tested. Additionally, the interior has received a massive update in quality and technology. We will be taking a thorough look at this ‘EV-like’ Nissan X-Trail Ti-L to see if it can cement itself as a solid hybrid option in the premium segment of the mid-sized SUV market.

How much does the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power cost?

The 2023 Nissan X-Trail e-Power has an MSRP of $54,190 (excl. on-roads) for the TI spec, and $57,190 (excl. on-roads) for the TI-L.

These trim levels represent the two highest options available in the 2023 Nissan X-Trail lineup, if you would like to see what the mid-range petrol engine Nissan X-Trail ST-L 5-seater variant is like you can read our full review here.

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What do we think of the exterior looks of the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power?

The latest Nissan X-Trail has been available in the US market since 2021, under the name “Rogue”, and only made its way onto Australian shores in 2022. While its “American” design can be noted, there are some nice touches that give the X-Trail a premium look.

At the front the grille has gotten larger, with the new Nissan logo front and center, as well a totally redesigned split headlight design. The front is also more squared off than previous versions and shows a similarity with the Mitsubishi Outlander.

On the Ti trim you get some nice 19-inch alloy wheels, as well as adaptive LED headlights.

Specific to the Ti-L spec is the inclusion of 20-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone design, and automatic folding mirrors.

What’s the Interior like in the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power?

Despite sharing its platform with the Mitsubishi Outlander, you can’t help but feel like Nissan has executed the luxury and technology better in the cabin of the new Nissan X-Trail.

The Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid boasts a refined interior that sets it apart from its competitors. We would describe the car's interior as falling into the "premium" category, a step above the "family appliance" category where many similar vehicles, such as the Toyota RAV4, are placed. The interior is characterized by soft-touch materials that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to noise reduction by absorbing sound.

The car features a leatherette-covered panel and a faux wood grain finish that could easily fool an observer into thinking it's real. The surfaces are mostly finished in pleasing aluminum rather than the common piano black plastic. The car also features dual-pane glass windows, which is a rare find in a mid-size family SUV.

The technology in the Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid is also noteworthy. It includes a large, snappy 12.3-inch display that supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The rearview mirror doubles as a display, utilizing a separate camera for a clear view out the back. The car also features a large digital instrument cluster that provides a wealth of information.

The interior also includes Nappa leather seats, a Nappa leather steering wheel with heating, and a Bose sound system. Charging options are plentiful, with USB-C and USB-A ports, a 12-volt socket, and a wireless charger for your phone. 

What about the back seats in the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power?

The back seats of the Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid are just as impressive as the front. They are covered in the same beautiful Nappa leather and feature heated outboard seats, a third zone of climate control, and both USB-C and USB-A ports. There is also plenty of legroom, headroom, and toe-room, as well as a giant panoramic sunroof. The quality of materials in the back is just as high as in the front, and there's a manual sunshade for added comfort. The center armrest is a bit fidgety, but it provides cup holders and a phone storage area.

How much can the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power fit in the boot?

The 2023 Nissan X-Trail e-Power will not be offered with a third-row option in Australia, so the boot capacity is 575L with the second row in place, which is remarkably just 10L less than the petrol-powered variants. 

While Nissan doesn’t quote an exact figure for boot capacity with the second row folded, the space is very usable and practical, and the seats fold almost completely flat, with a central pass-through for longer items.

The e-Power loses the space-saver spare wheel and gets a tyre repair kit instead.

What’s under the bonnet of the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power?

The Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid features a unique drivetrain that sets it apart from other hybrid vehicles. The drivetrain is essentially a series hybrid setup, which means the engine is not mechanically connected to the wheels. Instead, it acts as a generator to provide electricity to the electric motors, which in turn drive the wheels. 

The engine in the Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid is a three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that produces 105kW of power and 250Nm of torque. This power doesn't go directly to the wheels. Instead, it is sent through a generator, which then charges a 1.8kWh battery.

The battery, while not large, powers two electric motors - a 150kW motor at the front and a 100kW motor at the back. Combined, these motors produce 157kW of power to all four wheels via Nissan’s e-4orce AWD system. The electric motors provide instant torque and a smooth, quiet driving experience that is more akin to an all-electric vehicle than a traditional hybrid.

One thing to note is that because the battery is relatively small, the engine is often running to keep it charged. This is different from other hybrid systems and due to this, the fuel economy of the Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid is higher than other hybrid vehicles, at 7L/100km on a combined cycle.

How does the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power drive?

The driving experience in the Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid is pretty mind-blowing. The car feels like an EV, especially at low speeds, but when you put your foot down, the engine acts as an inverter, powering the wheels in a way that feels seamless and smooth. The handling is impressive, giving you a lot of confidence around corners.

The car is a bit firm, which might not be to everyone's liking, but it contributes to the overall driving experience. The engine is almost constantly on due to the small size of the battery (1.8 kWh), but it's quiet and unobtrusive. The car also features regenerative braking, which slows the car down quite a lot and helps to recharge the battery.

In daily driving the Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid offers a serene driving experience. It's quiet, smooth, and refined, making it one of the best hybrid driving experiences on the market. However, it's worth noting that the fuel economy is not as good as some other hybrids, and the car is more expensive than its competitors.

We tested its 0-100km launch times and clocked it at 6.76 seconds making this Hybrid X-Trail one of the fastest family SUVs we’ve tested, that doesn’t claim to be anything sporty.

What does the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power cost to service?

Servicing for the 2023 Nissan X-Trail is every 10,000km or 12 months, whichever comes first. The entire range is covered under Nissan’s transferrable five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty, with roadside assistance included.

Capped price servicing for the e-Power will set you back $365, $472, $534, $571, $411 and $698 respectively for the first six years or 60,000km, which is a total of $3051.

Is the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power Safe?

The entire 2023 Nissan X-Trail range has received a 5-star ANCAP safety rating based on testing of the Nissan Qashqai which shares it’s new platform. Both the Ti and Ti-L specs come equipped with the following safety equipment as standard:

  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB), with pedestrian and cyclist detection, and reverse detection
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane keep assist
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • High-beam assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • 7 airbags
  • Nissan ProPILOT with active lane-centering
  • 360-degree camera with moving object detection
  • Digital rear-view mirror

Final thoughts - should you buy the 2023 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L e-Power?

The Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid is an innovative vehicle that pushes the boundaries of what a hybrid can be. Its unique drivetrain, which operates more like an electric vehicle than a traditional hybrid, offers a smooth, quiet, and responsive driving experience that is hard to match. The interior is premium and well-appointed, with a high level of comfort and a wealth of technology features.

However, there are a couple of considerations potential buyers should keep in mind. Firstly, the X-Trail e-Power Hybrid is more expensive than many of its competitors, including the popular Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. This higher cost is reflective of its advanced drivetrain and premium features, but it may put it out of reach for some buyers.

Secondly, while the X-Trail e-Power Hybrid's fuel economy is decent, it's not as impressive as some other hybrids on the market. This is largely due to the unique drivetrain setup, which requires the engine to run frequently to keep the small battery charged. However, the trade-off is a driving experience that is more akin to an all-electric vehicle than a traditional hybrid.

The 2023 Nissan X-Trail e-Power is a compelling choice for those who value a refined driving experience and a premium interior. It's a great option for those who are interested in electric vehicles but aren't quite ready to make the full leap to a battery-electric vehicle. However, potential buyers should carefully consider whether the higher price and lower fuel economy compared to other hybrids are trade-offs they're willing to make.

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Car specs

150kW/330Nm +100kW/195Nm (front + rear, combined power 157kW)

$57,190 + On-roads

6.1L/100km Combined

5-Star ANCAP

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