Honda Elevates Safety with Innovative SENSING 360+ System

Jacob Brooke
November 20, 2023
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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has taken a significant leap in automotive safety technology with the introduction of the Honda SENSING 360+ system. This cutting-edge system aims to eliminate blind spots and reduce collisions and driver workload.

Honda's journey in enhancing driver safety began with the introduction of the Honda SENSING 360 in the 2022 CR-V in China. This original system provided 360-degree sensing through millimetre-wave radar, aiding in collision avoidance with vehicles and pedestrians.

The new Honda SENSING 360+ system builds on this foundation. It incorporates a driver monitoring camera and high-definition maps, enhancing vehicle control and driver condition monitoring. These advancements mark Honda's commitment to providing safe, worry-free mobility for all.

Key Features of Honda SENSING 360+

  • Advanced In Lane Driving with Hands-off Capability: This feature assists drivers in maintaining speed and lane position on expressways, even with hands off the wheel. It uses high-definition maps and GNSS for accurate positioning and smooth navigation.
  • Active Lane Change Recommendation: Operating in conjunction with the Advanced In Lane Driving feature, it suggests and assists in lane changes, including navigating towards a destination using the navigation system.
  • Predictive Curve Departure Warning: This function warns and assists in decelerating upon approaching curves on expressways, reducing roadway departure risks.
  • Exit Warning: Alerts occupants of approaching vehicles when parked, enhancing safety during exits.
  • Driver Emergency Support System: Assists in safely decelerating and stopping the vehicle if the driver becomes incapacitated, including alerts to surrounding traffic and emergency services.

Honda's Safety Initiatives

Under their global slogan "Safety for Everyone," Honda's goal is a collision-free society. They plan to achieve zero traffic collision fatalities involving their vehicles by 2050. The continuous development of Honda SENSING technologies, including the Elite system with Level 3 automated driving, underscores this commitment.

The introduction of Honda SENSING 360+ in the upcoming 2024 Accord in China, followed by global expansion, marks a significant step in Honda's journey towards unparalleled safety in mobility.

Jacob Brooke
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